RELIGIOUS STUDIES PLATFORM Indonesia is known as a Muslim majority country. Therefore, Indonesia has its own role to


Indonesia is known as a Muslim majority country. Therefore, Indonesia has its own role to preserve Islam with its own characteristics. Religious studies Platform of Gulen Institute Indonesia focuses its agenda in research and study of religion and its branches of knowledge in Indonesia and around the world. We also commit to learn more about the great culture of Islam in the truest form. To accomplish its goal, Religious Studies Platform of Gulen Institute Indonesia will be organizing many agenda  like public lectures, researches, seminars, panels, conferences, symposiums, domestic and overseas fellowship programs, book publications, etc.


One of our missions here at Gulen Institute Indonesia is becoming a bridge among academicians and aid them doing researches about various sciences. We are encouraged to participate in developing knowledge and science in Indonesia and around the world. To accomplish that(those) missions, Academic Research Platform of Gulen Institute Indonesia has various agendas including researches, seminars, conferences, symposiums, workshops, fellowship programs, etc. Those agendas will be held both in Indonesia and abroad.


Famous of being a diverse country, Indonesia is rich of ethnic groups, cultures, and native languages. According to that (those) facts, we are demanded to be able to live together in peace and harmony. Gulen Institute Indonesia’s motto is Devotion-Integrity-Cooperation-Peace. According to our motto, Gulen Institute Indonesia’s Dialogue Platform aims to advance peace and harmony in our society. We are doing it by bringing people together through discussion forums and seminars that promotes diversity, unity, (unity in diversity, as Indonesia’s motto, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika) and human rights in order to find solutions of common problems.


As a mother, wife, sister, and friend, women have important roles in various aspects of our lives. Women roles and contributions in Indonesia and the world cannot be underestimated, they have vital positions in society, as an old saying says “women are the strongest pillars of society”. With this(these) undoubtedly facts, appreciating their incredibility, Gulen Institute Indonesia encourage women to join and participate. Women platform of Gulen Institute Indonesia focuses in on empowering women through activities which is are oriented about family, children, and social environment, such as: handicraft classes, social services volunteer, family and children seminars, conferences, etc.


Human Right is one of the most important things in the world. The right of living, right to make choices, right to speak freely, and right of religious freedom are the most fundamental things of human being since they were born. Indonesia has been independent country for more than 70 years, yet not all of our aspects in this country is freed. In order to voice and support human rights supremacy in Indonesia, Gulen Institute Indonesia will be organizing activities related to human right issues such as forum panels, conferences, and symposiums. We will also be joining and collaborating with existing human right organizations within Indonesia and abroad to achieve our missions.


We all are agree that today media has become one of primary needs of modern mankind. It used to be only three of them, but now the need of information and news becoming essential one just like the need of foods, clothes, and shelters. Hence, Gulen Institute Indonesia is challenged to contribute in this area through its media platform. We wish that we could promote freedom of press and promote honesty and truth.  We also hope that we could provide educational programs and interesting information for Indonesia society.


Bogor Platform mission is to provide a platform for academicians, intellectuals, activists, and scientists from Indonesia and abroad who interested and cared about social, economy, culture, politic, and health problems and its solutions. Our platform will be facilitating them to gather through forums, panels, conferences, and symposiums in order to discuss those problems and work together to find and implement the most effective solutions.


An old saying says “our temporary world is full of troubles and it is a place for us to be tested”. Mankind was created to fulfil their duties in the world with all of its troubles. Natural disaster was one of the troubles that occurred in our world throughout histories. In Indonesia, natural disasters have taken so many victims and left deep wounds for them.  By helping each other, those troubles will be easily passed and those wounds will be easily cured. Gulen Institute Indonesia is devoted to become a part who help our brothers and sisters facing their problems as victims of disasters. We will be organizing helping programs, fund raising, and emergency center. We also give scholarships for students from unfortunate families.